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1979'den itibaren %100 Müşteri Menuniyeti

Asyapı İnşaat Kalıp ve İskele Sistemleri

Construction formwork industry began in 1979 by producing tie-rod and the adjusting spindle. Today 6.000m2 open, 4.000m2 closed, 10.000m2 reached a total manufacturing area.Telescopic props, facade scaffolding, plywood and steel faced modular panel formworks,slab scaffolding formworks, tunnel formwork accessories, swivel coupling, formwork lock, formwork lock spanner, tie-rod, spindle (pipe, solid material) and manufacture and sale of custom orders that our customers demand and making.

Improve the quality of overall construction of formwork developing construction industry construction companies and economic solutions.Formwork supervisor to support the application.After-sales services and using stocks of companies for designing formwork and scaffoldings for other projects are our another services.
Formwork planning, Projected to produce formwork and scaffolding solutions provide the project office.

Our company has developed in recent years, facade scaffolding exterior siding started manufacturing sector needs. As a result, a rapidly growing industry step scaffolding rental, scaffolding rental and technical stage, as well as serving customers during the installation phase.

  • Scaffolding Systems
  • Formwork Systems
  • Safety Systems
  • Rental Scaffolding Systems
  • Supervising
  • Assembly And Disassembly
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